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Alternate Universes—Alternate Mes

‘They’, the ubiquitous they, my favorite ones being the ones at UCLA. Why UCLA? Well, the UCLA they are always saying things that appeal to me greatly, e.g., they said that manic depression shouldn’t be regarded as an illness; it’s not, and that it’d be a sad, sad day for humanity the day that some other they figures out which genes are involved with the end result that fetuses, the world over, that have the bipolar genes would likely be aborted, because, as everyone knows, bipolar children are such a pain in the ass to rear, with the consequence that there’d be no more Beethovens, or Mark Twains, or Sylvias. No more Brad Delps or Brenda Fassies. No more walls of sound or James Joyces. Anyway, I digress.

This they that I introduced in my opening paragraph claim that there are multiple universes, an infinity of them. Given what an egocentric sod I am, the first question that came to my mind upon hearing such good news was, “Will I be present in any of them?” Yes, I will. I will be present in a subset of this infinitude of universes. While this subset with me in it won’t be as extensive as the set from which it is derived, nevertheless it will, of course, be infinite in extent. Fine. I look forward to it. I can hardly wait and am just beside myself with anticipation. But hold on there a minute: will I still be bipolar in this infinitude of alternate universes, in some of them? I hate to break it to you this way, kids, but manic depression transcends infinity. Every last single alternate you will have an unquiet mind. There is no escape. Take heart, dear ones, in knowing that God has singled us out; He has grand plans for us, no?  For in this universe, the local universe, all the freaky people make the beauty of the world, and so on and so forth ad infinitum.

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