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Latter day soup,

Soup! That’s what my life is  like of late, or rather making soup! I’m trying to make soup here, only  I’m having trouble rounding up  all the ingredients-some I can’t find any longer; some I can’t remember where me and the missus put during the last reorganization of the pantry; some have long passed their expiration date; some don’t taste right anymore (or is it me?); and as if that weren’t enough, the stock has too much fat in it and  is beginning to  boil fiercely.

Hurry! I must hurry. Quickly. Quickly. So very, very  hungry.

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Whoi, a Collapsion

If you google about you’ll discover that ‘collapsion’ is the archaic form of ‘collapse’ and not the least bit new at all, but never mind that, by appropriation I’m extending its meaning to include, “To form a new word by combining two or more other words.” Here’s an example: ‘Whoi’ a collapsion of ‘whoa’ and ‘oi’, where the latter is Cockney for ‘hey.’ It is an exclamatory response to something witnessed or heard.

From February 3, 2011, under the heading of “Fabricationes de Maladie,” an early collapsion of mine: Scachycephardia from the collapsion of scachocephaly and tachycardia. Meaning— that no meaning can be found or invented for a new collapsion doesn’t count— “A mental condition in which the sufferer is cursed with an abiding fondness for klezmer music.”

Try this one first to sort of ease into the genre, to see if you, too, suffer from Scachycephardia:

Then listen to this one, just to make sure:



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Aretaeus of Cappdocia’s observation about manic depression

Aretaeus who was Greek but practiced medicine in Rome during the reign of Nero made this observation some 1800 years ago, “Those suffering from melancholy could be angry without reason.”

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